Centerpull Paper Tower Dispenser – A Workshop’s Best Friend

Sofpull Centerpull Paper Tower Dispenser Side


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Why would you need this in your tool space?

A centerpull paper towel dispenser will help you every single time you are working in your workshop or garage. We will get into the specifics of how and why in the next section. So a little history, I redid my workshop about 18 months ago and laid it out so that it would be super functional. After getting my work bench built and staged, I set up my upper shelving and positioned my red tool chest to the side. I don’t like clutter so I didn’t want to line the wall with too much extra stuff but there was a nice open section to put something. Like I always do, I started researching useful fixtures, mounts, hooks, etc that are commonly used in workshops. I do not remember how I stumbled onto the idea of a centerpull PT dispenser but once I saw it, I knew this was what my tool space needed. I found one that I liked on Amazon and the rest is history (I will have a link below to the exact same one that I have).

What are the uses for a Centerpull PT Dispenser?

Here is my promise to you regarding this PT dispenser – you will use it regularly and love it. Let’s talk through how this will help you when you are working in your shop/garage/man cave; I’m going to list off a bunch of scenarios and you think through if any of these things happen to you. Spill something? Need a rag for wood stain? Wipe off your hands? Clean a tool? Caulking rag? Love bugs on your windshield (it’s a southeast US thing)? etc, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. The nice thing about a centerpull dispenser is they are easy to use, easy to refill, and come with a lot paper towels in each roll. The kit I listed below comes with the dispenser, key, and two rolls to get you started. The unit pictured is a Georgia Pacific 58204 which use Paper Towel rolls 28124. You’ll be amazed about how often you use this and how convenient it is.

Let us know what you think in the comments below about having a centerpull paper towel dispenser in your tool space.

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