Strongman Angle Template Tool Review

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Mini Review

All metal construction. Four pivot points to allow for maximum adjustments. This Angle Tool will adjust to almost all angles and designs. Easy to use and a huge time saver for difficult cuts.


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4.8 out of 5.0 Stars
Angle Template Tool, Storage Bag, and Pencil
MSRP $14.95

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What We Like

  • All metal construction
  • Four all metal adjustment points
  • CM and Inch on all sides
  • Top portion of the long slide has 15 degree angle measurements

What We Don't Like

  • No big concerns with our initial testing
First Impressions

Very nice and sound construction for a $15 tool. Pivot points tighten nicely and do not crimp the metal in any noticeable way. The instructional video link (included in the box) was also very helpful to learn more about the tool. Adjusted very easily.

What's In The Box

It comes with a storage pouch, pencil, and the angle template tool.

Full Review

The Strongman Angle Template Tool will save you time and aggravation. If you combined the capabilities of this angle tool with our previously review Contour Gauge, you would have trouble finding a shape or angle that would give you trouble cutting. Check out the two pictures above – you line up the tool with the shape you need to cut, tighten all of the pivots, trace the shape, cut the piece, and place it. That’s the whole process. It takes the measuring and guess work out of a potentially difficult cut. It’s affordable and easy to use and we recommend it for all three of our The Tool Space users: DIY, Handyman, and Contractor.

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