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With Sears having tool brand Craftsman and Home Depots rolling out its tool brand Husky, Lowes joined the party back in 1998 by launching Kobalt in partnership with it’s manufacturing partner, at the time, J.H. Williams, who is now owned by Snap on Industrial Brands. Although it’s tool brand is now under a different supplier they have partnered with Chervon to manufacture the Kobalt line of Power Tools.

Lowes also rolled out two value brands, sub quality to the Kobalt line in Project Source and Blue Hawk (which was introduced in 2009).

Better late than never to join the party in rolling out the Kobalt brand. But we appreciate the vision Lowe’s has implemented behind Kobalt as they pair different businesses and nonprofit organizations, to create Generation T for underserved communities. These programs are intended to dramatically affect the lives of thousands of people. The movement will provide people with the education they need to fill trade positions that are in desperate need of being filled


Kobalt is on a mission to help rebuild the middle class, where they combine crafts jobs as old as time, with modern technology. Kobalt wants to start a movement for a new generation of skilled tradesmen. Lowe’s has partnered with government agencies and nonprofits in order to bring awareness to the dying trade school. They hope to fund tuition and bring trade skill programs to underserved communities.


The company values education, community, compassion, and self-sufficiency. To get nonprofit funding Kobalt needed to make a case of why trade schools are so important. They found research-backed information that proved to bring in more skilled trade options to struggling communities would help boost their economy and the individual self-worth.

Core Values:

  • Education
  • Community
  • Restoration

Featured Kobalt Product Categories

  • Kobalt 24-Volt MAX Power Tools
  • Kobalt Hand Tools
  • Kobalt Air Compressor & Air Tools
  • Kobalt Outdoor Tools & Equipment
  • Including their 40-Volt and 80-Volt Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Kobalt Tool Storage & Garage Organization
  • Kobalt Personalized Products
  • Rachet Sets and Bottle Openers

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