HomeLabs Portable AC (14,000 BTU) Review

HomeLabs Portable AC (14,000 BTU) Front
Mini Review

Very good 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner for rooms up to 600 sqft. Currently being used in a 3 car garage/workshop. Easy installation but still capable of being efficiently moved.


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4.3 out of 5.0 Stars
14,000 BTU AC with window kit
MSRP $599

Available on on Amazon


14,000 BTU ac unit that is portable and capable of cooling a 600 sqft space. Comes with a remote and window unit kit. Built in 100 pint humidifier with drain tube.

What We Like

  • Size – Only 17.9x15x30.7
  • Easy setup (just wait 24 hours to start the unit)
  • Great customer service and tech support (TTS did not have any issues)
  • Lots of comfort settings
  • 2 year warranty with free exchange within 30 days

What We Don't Like

  • Some user reviews had issues with the initial setup.
  • Not the least expensive 14,000 BTU unit but you get what you pay for.
First Impressions

This unit was a lot heavier than we expected. Comes in at 72.3lbs. As mentioned previously, it is convenient to move around once it has been set up (it has wheels and rolls easily). The actual dimensions of the A/C unit are pretty small considering it can cool down an entire 3 car garage. The included window kit was very easy to install and had everything needed to get a nice seal on the window.

What's In The Box

It comes with the 14,000 BTU air conditioning unit, window slider/adapter, exhaust hose, adhesive foam window seal, dehumidifier drain hose, window security bracket, and the remote control.

  • Multiple fan and cooling speeds
  • 600 sqft of cooling capacity
  • Built-in 100 pint dehumidifier
  • Dimensions – 30.7×17.9×15
  • 14,000 BTU
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • 72.3lbs (but it rolls)
Full Review

HomeLabs has created an afforable portable A/C unit that performs. The unit that The Tool Space tested is  currently being used in a 600sqft garage/workshop (my father-in-law is building a boat so he needed to stay cool). It can be daunting trying to sort through so many options to keep a work space cool (or any space) but we found the HomeLabs 14,000 BTU unit to hit the mark. We will be conducting more reviews on cooling solutions for your tool space but it was pretty cool to start with a system that we like. This unit is not the cheapest 14,000 BTU A/C on the market but it works as described by HomeLabs. It will perform for all three of our The Tool Space users: DIY, Handyman, and Contractor.

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  1. Josh

    The Homelabs 14,000 is currently out of stock on Amazon. We have listed some other well reviewed portable ACs on this post. We will update the post when it is back in stock.

    • Josh

      Thanks so much for the comment. We are really enjoying The Tool Space and will be producing a lot more reviews and content over the next few months. Thanks again.


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