Dewalt DW717 DB Miter Saw Review

Mini Review:

The DW717 (and brother version DWS716XPS) performs like a champ; it is the mid-grade miter saw from Dewalt. There are more expensive DB miter saws on the market but for almost everyone, this is great.

Overall Rating:


4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

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10 inch double bevel miter saw featuring 15-amp motor and 4,000 RPMs (no load speed). Horizontal board cutting capacity of 14 inches. Best in class 12 inch cross cut capacity at 45 degree using the back fence.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

First Impressions:

I set up the saw on a Gladiator 2-door work cabinet and cut through a few 2x4s and a couple 1×6 white board that I had sitting in the shop; and the DW717 cut cleanly and effortlessly. The Dewalt carbide blade that was included is very nice and I might start buying more of their blades for my other saws. As expected with Big Yellow, the saw is sturdy and well-fitted.

So, What's in the box?

It comes with the miter saw (of course), carbide saw blade, blade wrench, vertical material clamp (very useful for long boards), and a dust bag.



The DW717 ( and DWS716XPS) are very capable and powerful. I will be holding on to the DW717 and have already completed a few moulding projects and a board and batten accent wall. Like almost any saw with good cut capacity and strong specs (rpms/amps), it cuts cleanly and efficiently. Unlike other saws, it slides and manipulates with sturdy ease. If this saw is set to 45 degrees, it cuts at 45 degrees; this might sound like a stupid comment but it does what it needs to do. If you want accurate fits on your joints, you have to buy a saw that is “angle” reliable; this one is. Keep a good blade on the DW717 (or DWS716XPS) and use this saw for years to come. Recommended for all Tool Space users.

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