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The Tool Space - Best Drills for 2020

Before We Begin

Among the first things to go out and purchase for trying to do any work around your house or on a Do it yourself project is a Power Drill. But like everything the options available in the market is OVERWELMING… It’s a wonderful thing to have options but sometimes we just need to know the house favorites.

We went through a process for selecting, testing and punishing in order to come up with these recommendations. And the crazy part is – it continues to change! But you have our commitment to continue to update this Best of List with the most up to date Drills on the market.

Overall Best Drill Driver

This is a work horse drill in a “compact” design. Fast recharge in only 25 minutes and it comes with two batteries and the best charge on the market.


Close Runner Up

The Dewalt lacks the same power of it’s competition at this price point (1600 max RPM) but Dewalt still produces a solid drill here making this a close second for Best Drill Driver.


Best Value Pick

The Kobalt Drill Driver produces above avg power, up 2,000 RPM and 650 lbs of torque for a below average cost. It has


Best Small Projects Pick

Light weight and compact solid design make this one we enjoyed to keep indoors for those quick projects around the house. Balanced capabilities with a lot of the nice to haves we like to have in drills.


Factors to Consider During Purchase

Ask yourself: What do you plan to use this Drill for?

Are you hanging some pictures? Putting together your ikea furniture? Or those odd small jobs around the house. Check out our Best Small Projects Drills.

Did you just buy your house and wanting to invest in a lifelong staple for your house that will do everything a drill can deliver? Or are tired of hiring people and dreaming of doing more projects around your house yourself? Check out Best Overall Drills for the DYI’er.

OR maybe price is not your top concern, but having all the bells and whistles and reliability of a fantastic product that will make your friends jealous sounds good. Check out our Best Tradesman Drills categorized by each particular use.

Drill Types

There is a reason there are so many different types of drills and you may be better off buying more than one type depending on your needs. If your just starting fill up your garage, we recommend a drill driver to get your feet wet. These provide the most universal usage. Beyond the first purchase, we have come up with some good drill combinations that could help ease into the “investment / top dollar” purchases.

Types of Power Drills to consider

  • Compact
  • Drill Driver
  • Hammer Drill
  • Impact
  • Pneumatic Drill

This is not does not include ALL Drill Types but for the most popular items, but more to come on all the other drill types.

Corded or Cordless

Corded tools last and bring the power at a cheaper cost to cordless models. So why get a cordless? I consider myself a practical person, one that is ok paying less to have to plug something in…. HOWEVER, you will want a cordless drill. There are times in your house that you won’t want to lug around a corded monster of a drill to make a small hole or to tighten some screws. That does not mean corded options are out the window, in fact one of my favorite combination of Power drills is a Corded Monster for the tough, big projects with a Universal Drill Driver for everything else.

It's all about the Batteries!

The motor and gear boxes on these Tools are taking up less and less priority on the Tool evolution front – don’t misunderstand me – they are important! However, the batteries are where all that Research and Development and innovation is. With the shift to lithium-ion technology, cordless power tools are able to deliver great power and for longer periods of time, however these batteries have a archenemy in… HEAT. So much so, that Power Tool companies have created microchip technology for chargers to talk to batteries and batteries to talk to the tool to shut down when that tool you set down on the roof gets to hot. As annoying at this can be, if it doesn’t do this the cells in these batteries have been known to smoke, catch fire or even blow up!

Brand Name vs Made in China counterfeit?

Going with the cheap off brands models is tempting! We are all about saving a buck…

But as they say, what you pay for is what you get. The Brand names back their products with warranties and have to continue to live up to their reputation, which often translates to what we call the off the page specs. Without some of the technology incorporated in your tool, you may only achieve 85% of the power available in your battery. For that reason, we recommend the major Power Tool brands.

Full Length Drill Reviews


As one of the first tools we think you should own, the Drill Driver is a fun necessity to have to keep up with. We will continue to keep a pulse on the market with the latest and greatest and keep you in the know for the best Drill Drivers to own today. Give us some feedback and let us know your favorite brands, drills or thoughts!


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