4 Easy Work Bench Plans

Everyone who has a garage, work shop, or tool space (wink wink) needs a work bench. So, here are The Tool Spaces’ three favorite easy (DIY) plans to build a great work bench. Let us know in the comments below which bench you like the best and which work bench you choose to build.


Lowe’s plan/guide helps you choose the right size of work bench for your space. They list the actual materials and quantities of everything you need. There is also a list of all of the tools required to complete the project.

The top right of their page has  how to guides on determining the size, cutting and assembling the workbench legs, assembling the workbench top, and formulas for sizing the workbench parts. Click here to see the Lowe’s Easy Workbench.


Woodgears’ Doortop Workbench is an easy and affordable bench to build. The plans utilize a used 1950’s wood door that can be acquired from just about any salvage yard or Habitat Restore kind establishment.

This entire workbench can be built with a circular saw and a drill (click the links to check our tool reviews). Of all five plans that we have listed, this will be the least expensive to build. The entire bench can be constructed with a door, a handful of 2x4s, and some long wood screws. Click here to see the Woodgears’ Doortop Workbench.


This $50 workbench from Family Handyman is a little more complicated to build than some of the other benches we have listed but it also comes with extra features and storage. They claim it can be constructed in as little as two hours, but I think you just make it a Saturday project. By the time you you acquire the wood, light, pegboard, and screws from your local big box store, it will be a full day project.

Saying all of that, this one is definitely worth your time and energy because it is a lot of bang for your buck (#value). Click here to see the Family Handyman $50 Workbench.


This $100 workbench from Shanty 2 Chic is the perfect bench for someone with a long run but doesn’t need a deep working area. This bench with the castor wheels will take about 3 hours to assemble (good weekend project), but will provide you with a lot workspace and allow you to reposition, if necessary.

Good solution for the right space. Click here to see the Long and Maneuverable Bench plans.

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